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Whether you’re in need of residential, Load/Unload services or junk removals, the highly skilled experts at Great Moves are on hand to help. As well as full service moves we can help with packing, unpacking, dismantling, assembling and storage for an no stress easy relocation. We know that certain items have to be handled delicately, we offer specialised services such as piano moves for items that demand a greater degree of care. Call or text us for free quote. (314)782-0992 - there’s no better option for movers and removals in the St. Louis area.

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Junk removal

Many people dump unwanted scrap metal or furniture wherever and whenever they feel, as it can be tricky or inconvenient to get rid of it. However, this is no different from littering and causes a lot of unsustainable damage to the environment. Our junk removal business collects unwanted materials from companies, small business owners, and individuals. Whether it’s a pile of scrap, old furniture, old appliances, or from demolition or an old car, the scrap metal and junk furniture that we collect is recycled and repurposed in order to minimize the depletion of precious natural resources.

Keeping it 100% Stress Free

We know all about living in St. Louis. Not only do we take your valued goods from A to B; our professional team will help to make your moving experience happen as easily as possible. Our service is adjustable, so if you need services such as packing, unpacking, disassembly and reassembly of furniture, or short or long term storage, we have the competence and expertise and will be delighted to help you.


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